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Tandem Air Deluxe Upright Vacuum

Winner of the Carpet & Rug Institute's Gold Seal of Approval, the R30D is a dual-motor vacuum that flexes its muscles with power, durability, and HEPA media filtration.

  • Dual Tandem Air motors power you to a totally clean home
  • 6-level height adjustment to help you clean no matter your floor type
  • Multi-stage HEPA filtration clears the air of particles and odors
  • 15-foot cleaning reach with telescoping aluminum wand and hose
  • 11.5-inch cleaning width

Product Details

The Riccar Tandem Air Deluxe model R30D features the revolutionary Tandem Air System with dual motors that work together to deep clean thick carpet yet gently clean bare floors and area rugs.

Multi-stage filtration includes a HEPA media filter and now a granulated charcoal filter, upgraded to trap allergens and odors even better. A self-sealing, charcoal-infused HEPA media bag traps 99.97% of debris that is 0.3 microns or larger, and makes bag changing simple and clean. 

The Deluxe Tandem Air vacuum is built to last for years of effective cleaning on carpets rugs bare floors and everything above the floor. Brush strips are replaceable and customizable to your floor type.*

A telescopic aluminum wand with curved handle stretch hose and on-board tools extend your cleaning reach up to 15 feet which is perfect for cleaning crevices stairs and everything above the floor. Control suction from the handle or by rotating the Tools On/Off dial.

Premium Vacuums Deserve Red Carpet Service

One of the advantages of buying a Riccar premium upright vacuum is the Riccar Red Carpet Service Plan. It's like a preventive health checkup for your vacuum. 

For qualifying Riccar vacuums, the plan offers free tune-ups during specific time intervals. It helps keep your vacuum running at peak performance.

Vacuums Eligible for the Red Carpet Treatment

If you purchased your vacuum new from a Riccar retailer or from, and it has a Red Carpet Service Plan sticker on the back, side or in the dust compartment of the machine, then your vacuum qualifies. See the table below for a list of qualifying vacuums. The retailer, or you, should write in your name and purchase date on the sticker. All future service dates are based on your purchase date.

Bring in your vacuum for Red Carpet Service Plan tune-ups at the intervals specified below. Riccar retailers will honor the plan 30 days before and after specific anniversary dates. Some retailers will have you fill out a reminder postcard when you purchase your vacuum. Just to be sure, it's a good idea to add a reminder to your calendar. 

During your Red Carpet Plan visit, your retailer replaces the bag and filter in your machine and gives it a full tune-up and cleaning. During the tune-up, these items are inspected if applicable to your model: 

  • Belt
  • Agitator brush strips
  • Hose
  • Full bag indicator
  • Brushroll jam indicator
  • Floor selector switch (if applicable)
  • Carpet height adjustment
  • Headlights
  • Suction and airflow

For these items, normal warranty procedures apply and will be replaced at no cost if any item is found to be defective. Charges may apply to replace items not covered by the warranty or for failures that result from abuse to the vacuum or commercial use.

Free Tune Up Schedule After Purchase

The Red Carpet Service Plan offers three free tune-ups to R40P customers the first 11-13 months after purchase, the second 35-37 months after purchase and the final tune-up 59-61 months after purchase.

R30 customers may receive tune-ups the first 23-25 months after purchase and the second 47-49 months after purchase.

For R25 and R10 models that qualify, the plan offers free tune ups the first 11-13 months after purchase and the second 35-37 months after purchase.(2)

The schedule below spells out the number of visits and the intervals when the service must be conducted for the plan to remain valid.

Tune-Up Schedule


Model # of Visits Service Intervals
R40P 40-Series Premium 3 11-13 Months, 35-37 Months, 59-61 Months
R30D.ANNV Anniversary Edition 2 23-25 Months, 47-49 Months
R30D 30-Series Deluxe 2 23-25 Months, 47-49 Months
R25P Premium 2 11-13 Months, 35-37 Months
R10P SupraLite Premium 2 11-13 Months, 35-37 Months
R10CV Cordless Supra-Lite 2 11-13 Months, 35-37 Months


While your vacuum is being pampered by a Riccar service technician, your retailer may offer you a courtesy vacuum so you can use one of the newest Riccar models while you wait. Be sure to ask because it’s a great time to check out a newer or different model that you may ending up loving as much as your current vacuum.

Regular maintenance can help prolong the life of your vacuum. Even the highest quality vacuums built to last for decades need a little TLC regularly.

*(1) Plan requirements: Service must be performed within 30 days preceding or following the anniversary of the date on which the vacuum was purchased in order to keep the Red Carpet Service Plan valid. If any service date is missed, the Red Carpet Service Plan is cancelled immediately, however the vacuum’s warranty will remain valid until it expires. The Red Carpet Service Plan is non-transferable and applies only to household use. Vacuums used commercial are excluded.

*(2) Red Carpet Service Plan models change periodically. Your local Riccar retailer can tell you if your model is covered.